Registration and Form


Registration materials must be received by .

·       Complete the Registration form  (please download the REGISTRATION FORM).

·       Enclose one 2x2 (or larger) photo in addition to a copy of a valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or student ID)

·       Enclose the appropriate amount of money. Payment should be in the form of personal checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks, in U.S dollars ONLY. Cash and credit card payments WILL NOT be accepted.

HSK Testing Fees:

·       HSK test fees: (non-refundable on )

1.     $20 Level 1 Test or

2.     $30 Level 2 Test or

3.     $40 Level 3 Test or

4.     $50 Level 4 Test or

5.     $60 Level 5 Test or

6.     $70 Level 6.

Testing Materials:

After we receive your registration materials, we will send you or email you:

·       HSK test permit

·       Additional test preparation materials, if available

On the day of testing, please bring:

·       HSK test permit

·       Valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, or student ID)

·       Pencils and erasers

You are requested to arrive at the testing site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the test. No one will be permitted to enter the test classrooms after the test starts.

These items WILL NOT be allowed on the testing site: Cell phones, notebooks, books, scratch paper, dictionaries, electronic devices, or test preps of any kind.

Send all registration materials to:

Languages Division

California Education and Performing Arts Center
11255 Central Ave
Ontario, CA 91762
 (909) 591-8077